Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eye Makeup Tips for a Simple Evening Look

Hey Fashionistas , I have a question :
Did you know that eye makeup can add a lot to your evening look
The ansewr is Yes, the hair and the dress are important but eye makeup can really do wonders. A simple eye makeup can be extremely glamorous too.

So let me tell you about the five basic eye makeup tips that will help you get a simple evening look:

1. if you have a blak circles around your eyes, make sure you hide them with concealer.

2. Your eyeliner is the best way to achieve a simple yet dazzling evening eye makeup look. with the righteyeliner tricks you'll get that look you want.

3. Whether the kohl you prefer is black or colored, it will definitely add more glamour to your eyes along with the eyeliner.

4. Now, mascara is key  to get a dazzling evening eye makeup look.long lush lashes makes your eyes sparkly and glamorous.

5. Eyeshadow is super important, you just have to pick a safe color so that you can accentuate your eyes with smokey eye. If you’re really into makeup and know how to mix a couple of colors together, don’t hesitate to do so, just make sure not to overdo it.

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