Thursday, June 23, 2016

Eye Makeup Tips for a Simple Evening Look

Hey Fashionistas , I have a question :
Did you know that eye makeup can add a lot to your evening look
The ansewr is Yes, the hair and the dress are important but eye makeup can really do wonders. A simple eye makeup can be extremely glamorous too.

So let me tell you about the five basic eye makeup tips that will help you get a simple evening look:

1. if you have a blak circles around your eyes, make sure you hide them with concealer.

2. Your eyeliner is the best way to achieve a simple yet dazzling evening eye makeup look. with the righteyeliner tricks you'll get that look you want.

3. Whether the kohl you prefer is black or colored, it will definitely add more glamour to your eyes along with the eyeliner.

4. Now, mascara is key  to get a dazzling evening eye makeup look.long lush lashes makes your eyes sparkly and glamorous.

5. Eyeshadow is super important, you just have to pick a safe color so that you can accentuate your eyes with smokey eye. If you’re really into makeup and know how to mix a couple of colors together, don’t hesitate to do so, just make sure not to overdo it.

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My Best Eyebrow Products

It takes a woman a few wrong purchases to get the right eyebrow  products that really suit her. Grooming your eyebrows is not enough to get the perfect eyebrows shape you dream of, you still have to define the shape pf your eyebrows. and to fill in the empety spacess in your eyebrowsThat's why I narrowed your options, and selected for you my best eyebrow products.

So ,  check the eyebrow kits and products that you can easily get your hands on for the perfect eyebrow look.

1.  MAKE UP FOR EVER, Aqua Brow Kit:  

The first eyebrow kit I recommend is for women looking for well-groomed arched eyebrows, Make Up Forever eyebrow kit is providing you with Aqua Brow, an angled brush and a spiral brush. A three-piece brow kit that helps you fill in your eyebrows and makes your eyebrows look broader, defining your eyebrows perfectly, all in a natural-looking way. 
2. The Body Shop, Eyebrow Kit:

Are you looking for a compacted eyebrow kit that can fit into your handbag? The Body Shop eyebrow kit is made of two ultra-fine powders. The two shades help you get defined and natural looking eyebrows. Small tip: Don’t use the small brush that comes with the kit, as it’s a little bit stiff, you can use your favorite eyebrow brush for better application.

3. Benefit, Speed Brow:

This eyebrow product, Benefit Speed Brow is the perfect makeup solution for busy women. It tints your eyebrows and it tames your eyebrows. Benefit Speed Brow is a brush-on gel that dries instantly, leaving you with natural looking eyebrows. 

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills, DIPBROW Pomade:

This is probably the best eyebrow product to suit the humid weather and summertime, not to mention, it’s perfect for the oily skin. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade has a creamy texture, but it's smudge free and it's waterproof. It glides smoothly on your skin, to create perfectly defined eyebrows. 

5. Dior, Diorshow Brow Styler Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil:

For women who find it easier to deal eyebrow pencils, this Dior eyebrow pencil is a perfect choice! Dior's Diorshow brow pencil has one a spiral brush on one side to help you brush your eyebrows neatly. The other side is a pencil features a universal shade that works for any hair color or skin tone, so you can easily fill in and define brows.

6. Too Faced, Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit:

This Too Faced eyebrow kit is for women with serious eyebrow makeup skills. It has setting wax, two different shades, one for brunettes and one for blondes, so you can mix them to get the perfect shade for your eyebrows and a highlighter. The Too Faced eyebrow kit also comes with mini tweezers and 2 mini brushes. 

7. Urban Decay, Brow Box:

It is totally expected to receive such a professional eyebrow kit from Urban Decay. The Urban  Decay Brow Box is quite small, just to fit into the palms of your hands. But what’s inside is very impressive. You have two shades and setting wax in one layer, and then on the second layer you’ll find mini tweezers and two angled mini brushes.

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Summer Makeup Tips and Tricks

Hey Girls,
So With this heat flash coming upon us, some steps should be followed to avoid Makeup  mistakes :
1. Take the time to prime: Moisturizing your skin aids foundation to last longer and keep looking fresh.
2.  Using a different base foundation: You can use silicon based foundation on occasions, however, it's not recommended for daily use.
3. Switch to using creamy eye shadow and blush as they are waterproof.
4. Carry oil-absorbing sheeting in your makeup bags, to absorb excess oil without damaging the makeup leaving your face shine free.
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Sandbagging trick !

Baking, sandbagging, contouring, highlighting, and the beauty list goes on and on and on… The latest beauty trick that’s trending among makeup artists at the moment is sandbagging.

A while ago, Kim Kardashian's Make-up  artist, Mario Dedivanovic, revealed the technique that prevents your makeup from creasing and lipstick from bleeding. The reality TV star's make-up artist Mario uploaded the sandbagging method on his Instagram, and I haven't stopped watching it since then.

Sandbagging involves dabbing heavy powder under your eyes and around the lips using a Beauty Blender  to create a "dam" that would prevent your makeup from running or "flooding." There’s nothing new to the technique as it’s a little similar to baking (which sort of revolves around highlighting using loose powder), however, sandbagging is just creating a physical barrier -using powder- to set your makeup in and prevent smudging.

YouTube sensation Wayne Goss explains the sandbag technique in his video on his youtube Channel .
go and watche it ladies to lerne more about this technique.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Take Care of Your Hair With Hijab

While a headscarf can protect your hair from harmful sun rays, wind and polluted air, it makes some women take their hair for granted, as it's always covered when they're out and about. Veiled women of the world, please pay some attention to your hair! Not taking care of your hair under hijab might lead to hair fall and dryness, especially when you wear the wrong fabrics or you wrap your headscarf the wrong way.

For gorgeous, healthy looking hair, make sure to follow these tips to take care of your hair with hijab:

1. Make sure not to wrap the scarf over your hair tightly. This way, you will prevent your scalp from breathing, which leads to dryness, itchiness and future dandruff.

2. It's always better to wear scarves made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or silk. Other artificial fabrics could lead to hair breakage and split ends , as they cause friction with your hair.

3. If you decide to go for artificial fabrics like nylon and polyester, make sure to wear a bandana under your scarf to act as a protective layer.

4. Try to tie your hair in a loose ponytail or a bun under hijab. Pulling your hair tightly can weaken your hair strands and lead to hair fall.

5. Always try to change the way you part your hair from time to time. This prevents your front hair line from thinning and falling by time.

6. If you're wearing hijab from a long time ago, you might skip brushing your hair for a day or two, which could make your hair dryer. That's why you must not forget about brushing your hair at least twice per day, in order to have better blood circulation, and hence a healthier scalp.

7. When you arrive home, it's always better to untie your scarf immediately and let your hair loose for an hour or two. When you untie it from both the scarf and hair accessories, your scalp breathes better. 

8. Avoid wearing your scarf when your hair is still wet, so the dampness doesn't lead to dandruff. 

9. Massaging your scalp is the best way to maintain healthy hair with hijab, as it stimulates blood circulation and prevents dryness. Make sure to massage your scalp in a circular motion using natural oils daily for five minutes. Also consider giving your hair an effective treatment like a hair mask once per week, to help rejuvenate it and give it a healthy glow.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

BLACKHEADS are one of the most irritating skincare problems. If you always try using face and nose strips to get rid of blackheads, but you feel that they're not effective enough, don't lose hope. I found out natural and effective ways to get rid of blackheads overnight, and I'll be sharing them with you. These tried and tested ways to get rid of black heads are truly effective , and all the ingredients you'll need are probably already available at your home.

1. Get rid of blackheads by using a honey and cinnamon scrub.
One of natural ways to get rid of blackheads, is to do a very simple honey and cinnamon scrub. Mix two teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon, and leave it on your skin where the blackheads are for 10 minutes. Wash your face and you'll notice that your pores are now free of blackheads.

2. Get rid of blackheads by using tomatoes.
Mash one tomato using a fork, and use its peel and skin to make a face mask. Leave it overnight to get the best results, and when it's dry and it peels off, you'll notice the difference in your skin.

3. Get rid of blackheads by using a lemon and sugar scrub.
The lemon and sugar scrub is an easy and effective way to get rid of blackheads. Mix a tablespoon of sugar with lemon juice, until they form a thick paste. Gently apply the lemon and sugar scrub on your face, and then wash it after 10 minutes.

How to Make Your Nails Shiny

If you're always used to the lustre of nail polish, but you want your nails to breathe every now and then, I'll hereby tell you how to make your nails shiny without any nail polish! In fact, it's very important for every woman to know how to keep her nails shiny without nail polish, because there's nothing more feminine than clean and glossy nails.

1. Soak your nails in lukewarm water.
When you need your nails to look shiny without nail polish, you need to regularly soak your fingertips in lukewarm water. Why? Lukewarm water helps nourish your nails and removes nail polish stains.For the maximum effect, use natural soap and scrub your nails with a nail brush.

2. Rub your nails with lemon slices.
If you regularly apply nail polish, you're more prone to have yellow nails. To help your nails stay shiny without any nail polish, try to regularly rub them with lemon slices. You can also try this simple homemade remedy for shiny nails...just mix 1 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of olive oil until you have a thick paste, and rub on your nails, then wash with water. That way, you'll keep your nails shiny, healthy and strong!

 3. Apply cuticle oil regularly.
Many women skip cuticle oil in thair nail care routine , but they have no idea how beneficial it is! One of the main steps to make your nails shiny without nail polish, is applying cuticle oil. How does it help your nails? Cuticle oil prevents your nails from becoming brittle and dry, and yes, it also helps to make your nails shiny.

4. Use a nail buffer.
Every woman must have a nail buffer in her nail care kit. The nail buffer is a simple tool, which you can use to rub with your nails with for super shiny nails! As soon as you use a nail buffer and see your glossy nails, you won't be able to stop using it.

Hibiscus Drink Recipe

There are some drinks that must be on the table in Ramadan, for me it has to be the Hibiscus drink. My only problem with it, is that if I spill, I end up staining my shirt or the table cloth inevitably, but it's so worth it sometimes. A cup of ice cold hibiscus is just so refreshing. 

What you will need:

1/2 Cup of hibiscus leaves

6 Cups of water

6 Table spoons of sugar


1. Fill a large pot with the six cups of water and leave it to boil.

2. After the water boils, add the hibiscus leaves, and reduce the heat. Cover the pot and leave it for approximately 15 minutes. Be sure to stir it every few minutes.

3. After the 15 minutes,  the water should have absorbed the hibiscus flavor and the color should be really dark burgundy, add the sugar. Stir throughly so that the sugar is fully dissolved.

4. Leave the hot hibiscus to cool down for 7-10 minutes.

5. Now it's time to pour the hot drink into a glass pitcher. Be sure to use a strainer so that the leaves do not fall into the juice. 

6. Refrigerate the drink for a good 45 minutes so that is becomes fully cool. Tip, add some ice while drinking the hibiscus, it tastes exceptionally good when it is ice cold.

Your Weight During Ramadan

It’s a common misconception that LOSING WEIGHT in RAMADAN  is impossible. The long fasting hours during summer might drive people to overeat but no, it’s never impossible to stay in shape during Ramadan. Here's a list of things to consider to watch your weight during Ramadan.

Exercise: Plan to exercise at home. Exercise after breaking your fast by two hours, and you can also exercise an hour before Iftar. Don’t practice heavy exercises while fasting and right after fasting. Allow your body to chill and your digestive system to function properly. If you don’t have time to exercise then check the next tip...

Eat healthy: Substitute desserts with high calories and anything soaked in sugar or whipped cream with fruits. but you can still opt for a mini portion or satisfy your sweet tooth with one or two bites.

 Monitor your calorie intake: Control the quantity of the food you consume. Watch out on your portions because you might tend to rush and eat big amounts of food at once, which will leave your tummy full and exhausted! My personal advice is to get a pen and a paper and count the CALORIES in the food you eat. Get a paper, fold it, and put it in your pocket.

Reduce caffeine: While fasting, you won’t be able to get your regular cup of tea or coffee. In order not to suffer from a severe headache, try to cut out on the caffeine intake after Iftar or during Suhoor and preferably a while before Ramadan.

Get enough sleep: Sleep usually gets disturbed in Ramadan, it's completely normal. Yet sleep deprivation leaves your body fatigue, cause weight gain and low metabolism. Consider short naps.

Hydrate: Spread YOUR WATER INTAKE between dusk and dawn. In order to avoid dehydration, aim for eight cups of water per day. Water could be in juice, your favorite SMOOTHIE or a cup of milk.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lentil Soup Recipe

Soup is known to be the best thing to have on an empty tummy! After the long fasting period, all you need is something light to start off your first meal of the day. In addition to its high nutritional value and being low in calories, lentils has tremendous health benefits like slowing down digestion and stabilizing blood sugar levels which is just perfect for Ramadan.

What you will need:

1 Cup of lentil

2 Big spoon of oil

1 Spoon of Cumin

1 Medium Grain of minced onion

3 Big clove of minced garlic

2 Medium clove of carrots

2 Big cloves of peeled tomato

1 Rod of chopped celery

1 Tbs salt

1/4 Tbs pepper

1/4 Tbs of saffron

2 Cups of chicken broth

4 Cups of water


1. Wash the lentil perfectly and put it in a strainer.

2. Put the oil in a medium sized sauce pan, heat it in a medium temperature till it becomes hot. Pour the cumin, stir for a couple of minutes till you can clearly smell it, then add onions. Stir for 4 - 6 minutes until it turns golden.

3. Add garlic, stir it up for a minute.

4. Add carrots, tomato, saffron, salt, pepper, and celery and stir them all together till the vegetables gains the flavor of the spices.

5. Add lentil, chicken broth and water. Stir thoroughly till all the soup components are blended.

6. Let the soup reach the boiling temperature, and then lower the heat and leave it for 20 - 25 minutes until lentil and vegetables are well cooked. Taste the soup then add extra salt (if needed).

7. Put the soup in a serving dish.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mozzarella Sticks Recipe

Have you had enough of soup This Ramadan ? Well, we sure have and thought that it's about time we bring you something different and creative to your Iftar table. Mozzarella sticks are a favorite of mine, once you bite them and the melted cheese elongates, yummy! It's also quite easy to prepare so let's get started:

What you will need:
500 gm Mozzarella String Cheese (can be replaced with regular mozzarella cheese cut into equal strips, preferably 4x1/2 inches)
1 Cup Dry Bread Crumbs
1 Cup Grated Parmesan
1 Cup Flour
1/2 Cup Cornstarch
1 Tablespoon Dry Oregano
2 Eggs
1/4 Cup Milk

1. In a bowl, place the breadcrumbs, grated Parmesan cheese then rub the dry oregano with your hands and add it along with a pinch of salt and pepper. Stir the mixture well and leave aside.
2. In another bowl, mix the flour with the cornstarch.
3. In a third bowl, whisk the eggs and milk and line up all three bowls beside each other.
4. Roll the mozzarella string cheese one by one in the flour mixture first, then dip it in the eggs bowl and then coat it with the bread crumbs mixture. Repeat the eggs and bread crumbs step.
5. Place the mozzarella sticks on a plate, cover it and refrigerate for at least four hours.
6. Heat oil in a large saucepan and start placing the mozzarella sticks carefully when oil is hot enough and work in batches.
7. Here comes the tricky part, make sure to roll the mozzarella sticks in the oil so all sides are equally fried, and remove it as soon as the bread crumbs turn golden brown so the cheese doesn't melt.
8. Place the fried mozzarella sticks on a plate with a paper towel so it absorbs any excess oil.
9. Serve hot with marinara sauce as a side dipping.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ramadan Survival Guide

Ramadan 2016 is finally here! To get ready for the holy month, you need to read this Ramadan 2016 survival guide. Ramadan days are quite hard during the summertime, so you need to know some tips and tricks to help you get through. So, to survive the heat wave nd the long fasting hours, here is the ultimate Ramadan survival guide.
- One of the things to consider, is to avoid salty food, greasy food, and junk food at Suhoor time. This will help you avoid bloating, and dehydration the next day.
- One of the most important tips to add to the Ramadan survival guide is to avoid caffeine at Suhoor time.  It dehydrates your body and will make you feel tired the next day.
- Eat carbs, it turns into sugar slowly and will give you energy for the next morning.
- Another important Ramadan tip, is to eat fava beans for Suhoor, it's a meal that will keep you feeling full.
- The ultimate Ramadan survival guide is just not complete without a water tip. Drink lots of water after breaking your fast in Ramadan, eight glasses of water are a must after Iftar.
- Have a good amount of sleep and rest to avoid headaches the next day.
- Eat in moderation on Iftar and eat slowly. This will help you avoid bloating and feeling like you can’t breathe and to enjoy the rest of night.
- Eating yogurt and drinking milk is one of the most important Ramadan tips I can share with you. It will keep your throat from drying the next day.
- Embrace the family gatherings, it's a great chance to embrace the ties with your family.
- Thinking about food all day long won’t help, this will only make you cranky and definitely won’t make time move faster.
- Embrace the spirit of the holy month and be good to everyone.
- Try to schedule your day so it would be productive, you can work with a to-do list to help you stay organized.
- Try to practice sports during Ramadan, if you can’t, I suggest you practice yoga and meditation .

- Ramadan is a great opportunity to decrease your intake of cigarettes, maybe even quit.
- Another important Ramadan survival tip is not to spend your whole night watching TV. Try to hang out with your friends, practice sports or do some good. You’ll feel happier and productive.
- Avoid eating lots of sweets and desserts! Just have some, because you won’t love the time you’ll spend trying to lose those extra kilos you gained. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.
- Try to be positive and start counting your blessings; it will make you celebrate the great spirit of Ramadan.
- Make time to be grateful of the blessings you have and don’t have.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Benefits of a Kickboxing Workout

Looking for a new kind of workout lately? Why not try a kickboxing workout? I am not exaggerating when I tell you that once you try the kickboxing workout, you probably won’t ever need to switch. The kickboxing workout is loaded with benefits, so get to them right here....

- Kickboxing is a worckout that can tone your entire body , as you are forced to use all the muscle groups in your body, your arms, back and waist. 
- Kickboxing improves co-ordination, flexibility, reflexes and balance.
- With kickboxing, you are not just gaining a solid workout, but you are also learning self-defense lessons. 
- Say goodbye to stress with a kickboxing workout.  Nothing like a little boxing to get rid of all that built up tension. The kickboxing workout also increases your endorphins and reduces stress. 
- With a solid kickboxing workout, you can guarantee to burn some calories and lose some weight .
- One of the most important benefits of a kickboxing workout, is that it challenges you. It challenges you to exceed your capabilities, which is a great way to boost your confidence and give you a sense of great accomplishment.
- Don’t be fooled by the stereotypes behind kickboxing. No, it will not just focus on the muscles in your arms. In fact, the kickboxing workout focuses on combining an aerobic workout with a resistance training workout. So you will actually save some of your time, meaning you don’t need to sign up for another workout, as kickboxing focuses on everything.