Saturday, May 21, 2016

Makeup Products You Should Never Share

If you're getting  ready  with your girlfriends, there are Some makeup products you should never share, and that is a rule no woman should break! Even those moments when you are in desperate need of mascara, or just a quick touch of red lipstick, just don't do it. Read along to knowmakeup products out there women should never share.

1. Lip gloss and Lipsticks.
Lip gloss and lipsticks are makeup products you never share with other women. Lip glosses and lipsticks can transfer bacteria easily, leading to infections or any other type of inflammation to the lips.
2. Makeup brushes.
Did you know that makeup brushes are the easiest way for bacteria to be transmitted between people. Not only should you be Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly  but also you should never share your makeup brushes with anyone.

3. Creams in jars.
Another makeup product that you should never share, is creams or products that come in jars. Since you use your fingers to apply products, you should not allow other people to use the same product you use. If you want to avoid situations like these, opt for makeup products that comes in squeezable containers.
4. Eyeliner and mascara. 
Even though eyeliner and mascara are only used on eyelashes and eyes  , these are two makeup products you should never share. A lot of bacteria resides in your eyelashes and on your eyelids, so by sharing eyeliner and mascara, you are transmitting the bacteria from one person to another.

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